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Posted By: katlaughing
21-Apr-00 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Subject: RE: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Good point, Kevin. Rog and I were just joking last night about how, here in Wyoming, most of them don't go hunting until they spent several hundred, if not more, on a high-powered rifle, thousands on a 4 wheel drive monster truck, several more thousands on a caravan/trailer, proper clothing, a guide, etc. In short the hundred or so pound antelope they bag really cost them several tens of thousands and it is such a manly thing to do, oh, yeah, and several hundreds on food and booze.

Larry, I understand the need to hunt in the far reaches, as you mention, but I won't be back to this thread. I have a really hard time reading about any killing of animals, regardless of any apparent justification. Good point, though, about the way of life which honours all life, including the planet's. Thanks,