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Posted By: The Admiral
23-Sep-07 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lost at Sea (Clive Gregson)
Subject: Lyr Add: LOST AT SEA (Clive Gregson)
Hi Hazel
Glad to help, please find the words below. Happy Singing.

Clive Gregson

We live in a mean world where nothing comes cheap
We fight and we steal to be top of the heap
Where money is King and chaos is Queen
And we're all in the same boat, lost at sea

The rent's always due when the money runs out
When the landlord comes knocking we're never about
Now we're just as honest as poor folks can be
But we're all on the breadline, lost at sea

How can you borrow if no one will lend
What can you buy with nothing to spend
When living is hard the trouble comes free
And we're all in the same boat, lost at sea

With time on our hands the days always drag
But the highway to heaven's through a polythene bag
While the pimps and the pushers are out on the street
We're all in danger, lost at sea

We swim in an ocean of petrol and blood
We spin round in circles we sink in the mud
We drink to forget we sit down and weep
But we're still in the same boat, lost at sea
Still in the same boat, lost at sea