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Posted By: Azizi
23-Sep-07 - 11:34 PM
Thread Name: African American Protest Slogans & Songs
Subject: RE: African American Protest Slogans & Songs

2007 Jena Six marches {In Louisiana and elsewhere} on September 21, 2007

These are the slogans that reporters indicated the Jena 6 marchers chanted or that I noticed on photographs and videos were written on on signs carried by the marchers or were written on their tee shirts:

"Free Jena 6" or "Free The Jena 6" [These were by far the most widely used slogans]


"No Justice. No Peace" [This slogan was next in prominence to "Free Jena Six"]


"No justice no peace no racist police"


"Blacks Protests N'Justice"   


"They stood for us now we stand for them
Free Jena 6"


"non-violence or non-existence"


In the more than 20 articles and slide show/videos that I've read about the Sept. 21, 2007 march in Jena, Louisiana and other marches throughout the USA in support of that main demonstration, there was no mention of protest songs or freedom songs/

Is singing no longer a part of African American protest marches?