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Posted By: Celtaddict
24-Sep-07 - 12:19 AM
Thread Name: Working Waterfront Fest/New Bedford MA USA
Subject: RE: Working Waterfront Fest/New Bedford MA USA
I know Moe and Debra and Anita all got together because I was there.
Moe has a new CD of songs and poems and her introductions to them, and she did two Mary Garvey songs including 'Cannery Shed' and so now I know who mg is. Both are on the CD. Her singing is interesting to me because she maintains this very tough (excuse me, 'extra tuf')(name of CD) image but was wearing blue ruffles, and sings in this soft sweet 15-year-old voice. It was really a thrill to see both Debra and Anita, first back to back then together onstage; two of the finest female voices ever. Anyone who knows me knows I listen to about 98% male singers, and 1% instrumentals or spoken word, so the very few women singers are quite select. And the Johnson Girls were in great form too (and the only female singing group to whom I listen much; Cherish the Ladies is so often instrumental). I have long thought that if I could have anyone's voice I would want Alison's. I think it would fit what I would want to do with it. But I would certainly swap mine for Debra's or Anita's! I also got Barry's new CD from him; good listening on the drive home. (But does Ken get it yet?)