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Posted By: Barry Finn
24-Sep-07 - 02:02 AM
Thread Name: Working Waterfront Fest/New Bedford MA USA
Subject: RE: Working Waterfront Fest/New Bedford MA USA
It was a very good & interesting festival. Like Celtaddict, I was thrilled with the music of my fav's the Johnson Girls, Anita Best, Deb Cowen, Ken Sweeney, Frank Gotwals, Jim McGrath & fisherpoets/singers/songwriters Moe Bowstern, our own Jon Campbell & Joanna Reichhold. Something about listening to performers singing with & not against, a helio in the backround (the sweetest sound to a fisherperson in need so I'm told, I wouldn't know none ever came for me when I was in need), the hum of a desiel & the smell of it's fumes surrounded by a full harbor of hulls, masts & rigging. Rescue demo's, life suiting up races, shell shucking contests, fish cutting, gutting & splitting expos one by musician per Ken Sweeney no less. There was a lot more music & exhibts & other things to behold but I could only be in a few spots a the same time & had to spit some of the venues to make it to parts of others. It was also nice the see the Essex built schooner Ernestina afloat & hosting sings durning the festival, hopefully this will help her raise some money to help restore her. I was thrilled too that I got to meet Linda Greenlaw (yes they also presented Maritime Authors too), remember the female swordfishing captain from the movie "Perfect Storm" & author of 'The Hungry Ocean', 'All Fishermen Are Liars' & 'The Lobster Chronicles' she was the darling of the crowd, what a story teller. I was only able to attend Saturday but I was able to cram enough in for one day that I will be sure to mazke a weekend out of next years festival. To those that missed it catch it next year.