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Posted By: Áine
21-Apr-00 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 24
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 24
Well, I'll start things off:

The Rabbitt's Easter Surprise
(Tune: Frankie and Johnny)

Katie and Rosie were friends, now,
Oh how they both loved to shop,
And with ears and a tail,
They could earn very well,
But at the mall they'd have to hop,
They had a plan, but it ended up wrong!

At break, they swapped fuzzy costumes,
Nobody was s'posed to be wise,
Which was the Easter B.,
No one was able to see,
And Helper Bunny was the same size,
It was a cute plan, but it ended up wrong!

One day while working the food court,
The two bunnies hopped by Pizza Inn,
The manager of same,
Peter Rabbitt by name,
His heart was put into a spin,
He had a plan, and it couldn't go wrong!

Peter fell for that sweet Easter Bunny,
And his affection he just couldn't hide,
He followed her to the hutch,
And got her in a clutch,
For a bon temps leporide,
He had a plan, and it couldn't go wrong!

The Easter Bunny thought Peter was handsome,
And responded to his caress,
But her fuzzy head wouldn't budge,
Stuck by easter egg fudge,
So he couldn't get a kiss,
They made a plan, that just couldn't go wrong!

The next day Peter found his Easter Bunny,
In the break room taking a rest,
He whispered in her ear,
"Leave the suit on, dear,"
"And let's put it to the test!"
He had a plan, but he got it all wrong!

Next thing that Rabbitt knew he was a sailin',
Through the air and into a bin,
When he finally came to,
By the sirens he knew,
The poh-leez had been called in!
As for his plan, it sure had gone wrong!

At the jail, Katy called up her mama,
And begged for the price of her bail,
"What else could I do,
But use my jujitsu,
With that Peter on my cotton tail?"
"He had a plan, but he sure got it wrong!"

Rosie tried to say sorry to Katy,
But their friendship was at an end,
She said, "I had to slug you,
'Cuz you were making goo,
Outta my brand new boyfriend!"
"We had a plan, but it went all wrong!"

They finally let our Rosie go now,
And she walked sadly out to the street,
But Peter Rabbitt was there,
This time he took great care,
And their reunion, it was sweet!
She'd found her man, and he never went wrong!