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Posted By: Amos
21-Apr-00 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: Who/what is the Great Speckled Bird?
Subject: Lyr Add: THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD (Rev. Guy Smith)
For reasons I can't find, the term "great speckled bird" was historically used in Christian metaphor to represent the Christian church on earth, conceived as the "bride" of Christ.

The complete song goes:

The Great Speckled Bird
Written by Reverend Guy Smith

What a beautiful thought I am thinking
Concerning a great speckled bird
Remember her name is recorded
On the pages of God's Holy Word

Desiring to lower her standards
They watch every move that she makes
They long to find fault with her teachings
But really they find no mistake

I am glad I have learned of her meekness
I am proud that my name is in the book
For I want to be one never fearing
On the face of my Savior to look

When He cometh descending from heaven
On the clouds, as He writes in His Word
I'll be joyfully carried to meet Him
On the wings of the great speckled bird

Universal Dutchess Music Corp. (BMI)