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Posted By: Spider Tom
21-Apr-00 - 08:28 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 24
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 24
A BUNNYS' STORY.(The one who got sacked)

I've been betrayed,
I've been done wrong,
And so I sing,
To you this song.
I was happy,
I was overjoyed,
But now I've joined,
The unemployed.

I got a job the other day,
Seasonal,not steady pay,
Dressed up in a Rabbit suit,
I didn't mind,
It looked quite cute.
They sent me to,
A shopping mall,
And there I got
Into a brawl,
With another bunny,
Who hid the truth,
That's why,
I'm an unhappy youth.

Those Bunny-suites,
Are hot and stuffy,
They're padded out,
All fur and fluffy.
The only way,
That you can breath,
Is through the face,
Or up the sleeve.

The truth I'll tell to you,
Is, thus;
The truth is just,
What caused the fuss,
A truth, witheld's,
A lie, you see,
The truth is,
What's condemning me.
The truth, to you,
Is what I'll tell,
So listen hard,
And listen well.

I was a hero
On that day,
But sure enough,
I was betrayed.
The other "bunny",
In a suit,
Was wobbling,
And feint, to boot
She pulled off,
Her big bunny head
And gasped,
"My god,
I'm nearly dead,
I nearly died,
I near departed,
I wore a bunny-suit,
And farted.",br>
I thought real quick,
I heard her words,
Asphyxiated by,
The scent of turds,
I stayed I didn't
Run away
There to help her,
On that day.

I grabbed on to,
The rabbit skin,
To shake the evil gas within
Then gave the suit,
Some thorough clouts,
To knock the gas,
From in, to out,,br> It's true, I saved her on that day.
But heavy was the price I paid.

Challenged by two,
Who said I'd shaken her enough,
Who said,I'd done the evil act,
Though she, smelt evil,
That's a fact,
But, she embarresed,
On that day,
With held the truth,
And so I paid,
I never gave the game away,
Her secret's safe with me,
Except, some one might,hear it here,
What will be, will be.