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21-Apr-00 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Teterboro Tower
Here's another one in the same tradition from Viet Nam. ^^ HELLO, CAM RANH TOWER (tune: Washbash Cannonball)

"Hello, Cam Ranh Tower, this is Hammer 41;
My BLC light's glowing, I've just lost PC-1,
The engine's running roughly, the EGT is high,
Please clear me for a straight-in, this bird's about to die!"

"Hammer 41, this is Cam Ranh tower here;
We'd like to let you in right now, but a senator is near;
He's here to please constituents, his plane is close at hand,
So please diver to Tuy Hoa, we can't clear you to land."

"Hello, Cam Ranh tower, this is Hammer 41;
I'm turning into final, hydraulic pressure's gone,
The generator's off the line, the RPM just fell,
Please send the senator around and tell him 'War is hell.'"

"Hammer 41, this is Cam Ranh Tower again;
You'll have to keep on circling, regardless of your plan;
I'm sorry 'bout your problem, but you will have to yield,
We must give priority to Senator Mansfield."

"Now listen Cam Ranh Tower, I'll lay ot pm the line,
The situation's fuckin' tense, we're running out of time;
My fuel low level light is on, this bird's about to quit,
So tell that goddamn senator he doesn't count for shit!"

"Hammer 41, OSY to channel four;
You'll have to clear with Air Patch, I can't do any more."
"Roger, Cam Ranh Tower, I'm switching channels now,
I'm sure Air Patch will clear me to land this bird, somehow."

Air Patch, Air Patch, Air Patch, this is Hammer 41;
The tower made me check with you to see what could be done,
I know you'll understand my plight, I've confidence in you,
So clear me ont final, send the senator on through."

"Sorry 'bout that, 41, your story breaks our heart;
If this had happened yesterday we could have done our part;
You will divert to Tuy Hoa, consider this a must,
For Senator Mike Mansfield would dislike all this fuss."

"Roger, roger, Air Patch, I get your message clear;
Situation understood, the VIPs too near;
We'll nurse this bird to Tuy Hoa, on this you can depend,
We'll keep this airplane flying, until the very end.

"Mayday! Mayday! Crown, this is Hammer 41;
OUr fate is up to you boys, now, the home drome let us down;
We can't make it to Tuy Hoa, we'll have to punch out here,
So please alert the Jolly Greens, we hope that help is near!"


Some explanations: Senator Mike Mansfield (D-WY) was the senate majority leader and an outspoken critic of US policies. Cam Ranh was a big airbase along the coast, Tuy Hoa was about 70 miles to the north. BLC - Boundary layer control, light on indicates air flow directed over wings from engine at slow speeds is getting too hot for safe flight. PC-1 primary hydraulic control system. EGT - exhaust gas temperature. Hammer 41- a specific aircraft identifier for radio communication. Air Patch - an air to ground radio relay system for voice communication. Crown - A C-130 plane in the air that directs search and rescue missions to rescue fliers that go down. Jolly Green - A Sikorsky HH-3E large helicopter, used to pick up downed fliers.

from: "Singing The Vietnam Blues, Songs of the Air Force in Southeast Asia" by Joseph F Tuso (1990, Texas A&M University Press)

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