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Posted By: Kelida
22-Apr-00 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 24
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 24

The Easter Bunny

I was the Easter Bunny that day in the mall
And I got thrown in jail when I started a brawl
My young bunny helper pushed me on my ass
And I punched her and shoved her face in easter grass

And it's no nay never
No nay never no more
Will I play the Easter Bunny
No never, no more

She gnawed on my leg and I kicked at her ribs
Oh, how will the mall explain this to the kids?
We wrestled and routed, and rolled on the floor
Until two policemen walked in through the door.


They just took one look, then they snapped the cuffs on
And just at that moment, my rage was all gone
They read us our rights and they carted us out
At the station they asked what the fight was about.


Said I, 'twas not me, but they didn't buy that
It turns out that the children were nothing but rats
They told the cops everything that they had seen,
But the charges didn't stick, 'cos I'm only sixteen.


Just a little something I thought up in half an hour or so. . . Maybe I'll think of something better later on. . .