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Posted By: Spider Tom
22-Apr-00 - 06:50 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 24
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 24
I'm pleased that you liked my song,
Thanks for your Feedback,
But a thought occured to me that as a man is judged by his words, that i may have given the impression that I am a little vulger, and so I submit,


My mother taught me proper,
I never slurp my soup,
And I've never wiped
My nose upon my sleeve,
But, I think,
I just said "farted"
Instead of "broken wind",
I hope that no one,
Took offence, to leave.

I'm a true and proper gentleman,
Mostly, all the time,
I even lower loo lids,
As I'm leaving.
I cock my little finger,
When I'm drinking my high-tea<
Though they tell me,
Appearance is deceiving.

I have learnt ,
The social niceities,
That make a man acceptable,
I know that on occasion,
My writings are objectionable,
And I'm sorry,
If I caused you any pain.
Your lucky you're not,
Living in my brain.