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Posted By: johnross
29-Sep-07 - 11:07 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: I need Folk Trivia questions ASAP
Subject: RE: Folklore: I need Folk Trivia questions ASAP
Who were The Shanty Boys and how were they connected to the New Lost City Ramblers?
(Lionel Kilberg, Mike Cohen and Roger Sprung) (Mike is John Cohen's brother)

Where was Utah Phillips' first LP recorded?
(In Rosalie Sorrells' kitchen in Salt Lake City, by Kenny Goldstein -- "No One Knows Me," on Prestige)

What is a No.2 Wheeling, and what does it have to do with folk music?
(it was widely considered to be the Martin Guitar of washtubs)

What instrument did Bob "Fiddler" Beers introduce to the folk music revival?
(the psaltry)

By what name is "The Old Settler" better known? And what fiddle tune provides the melody to that song?
("Acres of Clams." "Rosin the Beau")

Who was the "Lone Cat?" What was his best-known song? What did he call the bass he played with his toes? Why?
(Jesse Fuller. "San Francisco Bay Blues." the fotdella. "Because that is its name.")

Who was Richard Farina's first wife?
(Carolyn Hester)