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Posted By: Richard Bridge
01-Oct-07 - 02:40 PM
Thread Name: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant
Subject: RE: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant

Next, the repeal of the licensing requirement for the performance of folk music and song.

After that a rule that apportions PRS and MCPS earnings for arrangements of folk music and song 9/10 to the original and 1/10 to the arranger - and gives teh 9/10 to the EFDSS or other designated archives or relevant projects.

Then sponsorship (maybe from Richard Branson?) for a set of recordings of Child Ballads with suggested melodies - let's try not to have too many from Martin Carthy, wonderful though he is, so that those of us who cannot dance in 17/4 while playing a guitar part in 5/4 get a chance -

After that some populist recordings of folk songs with contemporary arrangements. I know Stock Aitkin and Waterman are now old hat, but think on. Take some competent modern rockers into the studio with cut-down ballad lyrics and a mean riff (or a rapper with "Pretty Belle") and make some recordings that might get onto the R1 playlist -
(think sort of "Cotton eyed Joe", but as an arrangement of "Swaggering Boney) -

Next resurrect the education remit for public service broadcasters and make them play some of this fine stuff -

Nuada and their drone work at Glasto - or Reading - or Leeds -

Middle English lyrics for death metal bands -

Oooh, I must think some more!