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Posted By: greg stephens
04-Oct-07 - 08:32 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant
Subject: RE: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant
May I register my total agreement with Brian Peters, and my total disagreement with Richard Bridges on his plausible but totally misconceived idea of giving the EFDSS 90%the out-of-copyright money.
Would that be 90% of the Bach money? No, that probably ought to go to Germany. Perhaps 90% of the Dowland money? Hang on a minute, didn't someone reckon he might be Irish?Oh, perhaps you only mean 90% of the "no known composer" money.So, the EFDSS should get the money, unless someone researches and discovers the composer? So, what happens then? Nobody gets the money? Or yet more new legislation? Well, let's face it, all music must have a composer(or several composers). So why should the EFDSS get the money only if the identity can't be established? I think your ideas need a little refining, Richard.
I have spent 40 years researching traditional English music, and then passing it on to other people, normally totally unpaid. Now, if I can occasionally get half-a-crown royalties for putting "Trad Arr. Stephens" on a CD cover, well good luck to me, I say.