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Posted By: Skivee
04-Oct-07 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Interesting e-mail
Subject: RE: Interesting e-mail
This Tinker's damnation has shown a light on a dreadful problem. The bastardization of folk traditions by those outsiders. The hill people aren't our people, and they ruin everything they touch.
Some idiots would insist that the tradtition is a living expression of ancient Irish culture in a modern world; that using the complexity of instruments made available through the advance of technology allows for exploration of new way to express that tradition. But what do they know.
I'm glad that this fellow has cleared up our misconceptions.
It is obvious that Herge's band doesn't meet the standard of authenticity (I haven't heard them, but if the "fan's" opinion carries any weight, they must be real rotters, one and all). Now that they have had the scales removed from their eyes, I'm sure that they know how foolish it is to play Irish music at all. If they have any integrety at all they will immediately break up. How DARE they not play music in precisely the way that this fellow (who it appears isn't a musician, but knows some) imagines that is was played 200 years ago. Perhaps they should burn their instruments in case they have any urges to play again...and bite their tongues whenever they feel like a bit of sean nos.
The Chieftains, the Bothy Band, Planxty, DeDannan and a thousand others have done a great disservice to the tradition. The surviving members should all be beaten with sticks, or at least punched in the nose...or maybe kicked in the shins and had poop flung on them.