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Posted By: Declan
04-Oct-07 - 01:32 PM
Thread Name: Interesting e-mail
Subject: RE: Interesting e-mail
Irish Music predates the travellers, although many of them have made major contributions to it. Some say the music dates back to the Celtic tribes and label it Celtic Music (as they drink their Bulmers cider), others say it originates from the Tuath De Dannan (at least around Galway since the mid 70s). I always maintain that the music comes from a tribe called the Fir Bolg (which is a gaelic phrase meaning Stomach Men). There are usually lots of Fir Bolg to be found at Irish Traditional Music festivals.

Given that I have a Norman surname, I'm not qualified to say anything about Irish Music because my people have only been here for less than a thousand years.

Whoever used the word Eejit to describe the sender of this email got it right.

Declan (Who contaminates Irish Music with iberian instruments on a regular basis).