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Posted By: greg stephens
05-Oct-07 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant
Subject: RE: EFDSS Wins Heritage Lottery Grant
Richard Bridges: can you elaborate on your strange scheme a bit? Will Purcell recordings attract royalties that will go to the EFDSS?And if not Purcell royalties, what other royalties? "Folk song" royalties? Perhaps you would care to define "folksongs"? (ha ha ha).
Actually, your scheme could be of enormouse personal benefit to me. It might deprive me of a few pence in royalities, but I think I might pick up in other directions. I am(if I may be so immodest) what passes for a bit of an "expert" in the matter of old English instrumental tunes, so I might get some fees as an expert witness when the EFDSS is in litigation with performers over these rights you wish to allocate.
    I think I might be just the sort chap to provide the background information on whether "Kershaw's Hornpipe" was in fact written by Joseph Kershaw, or by someone else entirely (even anon?).Remember, it's not always that easy to prove who did or did not write a two hundred year old song. A grand field for expert witnesses, not to mention lawyers. The lawyers, of course, are always the real winners from half-baked ill-thought out legislation.That is why lawyers advise the government on drawing up new laws, presumably.