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Posted By: The Sandman
06-Oct-07 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Interesting e-mail
Subject: RE: Interesting e-mail
Jim,the problem is that there probably are black men with big willies,and there probably are tinkers that steal railings,but they are undoubtedly a very small minority.
here is astory.
Just before Easter,I was out gathering some wood for firing[in a remote area],two tinkers who were out leafletting for tarmacadam work,stopped me and said there is an old fellow down the road in a caravan, and we think he needs a doctor.
so I went to talk to this guy[who was adamant that he was ok,and didnt need help],he clearly wasnt,as he didnt have the strength to go outside to urinate,but had been urinating in a bottle,so despite his protestations I phoned the district nurse[turns out we saved his life,he is still in hospital now,he had some kind of stroke].
Now those two tinkers,Could have mugged that old guy ,BUT they didnt,they showed more concern,than his settled neighbours,who hadnt even noticed,he was ill.Dick Miles.