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Posted By: Amos
06-Oct-07 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
O of friends, not these tones
! To separate let us more pleasant anstimmen and joy-fuller.
Joy! Joy! Joy, beautiful God sparks daughter from Elysium, we entered feuertrunken, Himmli, your Heiligtum!
Your charms bind again which the fashion strictly divided;
All humans become brothers, where your gentle wing stays.
Whom the large throw successfully to be a friend friend;
Who interferes holdes a woman achieved, its rejoicing!
Yes, who calls also only one soul its on that ground approximately! And wer's never skillfully, steal yourself crying from this federation!
All natures at the chests of nature drink joy; All good ones, all bad consequences of their rose trace.
Kisses it gave us and vines, a friend, examined in death;
Wollust ward the worm given, and the Cherub stands before God.
Gladly, like its suns fly through the sky praecht'gen plan, run, brothers, your course, joyful, like a hero for triumphing.
Are umschlungen, millions! This kiss of the whole world!
Brothers, ueber'm star tent must a dear father live.

You fall down, millions? Do you suspect the creator, world?
Look for ' it ueber'm star tent! Over stars he must live.

Babelfish is more considerate than Rapaire, certes, but only slightly less annoying.

And guess what, Mom!! We're finally getting the new driveway!! Demolition starts Monday. YAY! Soon it will be nice cobbles instead of thirty-year old cracking concrete.

For those of you who were concerned, we are not effected by the recent landslide in nearby La Jolla. We are a mile or two east of the mill called Mount Soledad where that occurred.