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07-Oct-07 - 07:05 AM
Thread Name: Interesting e-mail
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"Jim,the problem is that there probably are black men with big willies,and there probably are tinkers that steal railings,but they are undoubtedly a very small minority."
Of course you are right.
The problem with threads like this is people use them to air all their racist views - ie -judge all travellers by the behaviour of a few.
Tomorrow I will pick up my newspaper and read about the behaviour of thugs in Limerick (aka Stab City); it is almost certain there will be reports of thuggery and violence throughout the week from that City. Does that mean everybody in Limerick is a thug?
Jim Carroll

Jim, I love your posts, but you MUST remember to put your name in the appropriate box or you risk having them deleted. You are a great Mudcatter and contribute valuable information. Please help us out here so you don't get your posts deleted.