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Posted By: Eluned
23-Apr-00 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: The Pagan Alternative. What's the music?
Subject: RE: The Pagan Alternative. What's the music?
Whatever the traditional meaning of the word, there are a whole bunch of people using the word "pagan" to cover a whole bunch of new practices that borrow from older beliefs. By definition, they are not from any of the organized religions, such as Buddhism, Moslem, or Jewish traditions. The commonest in America and Britain are "wicca" or "witch"-like in nature, but there are also groups that use egyptian, norse, afro-american, "native-american", and other roots, including combinations of sources.
Some of them, unfortunately, DO take themselves rather too seriously, so one does have to watch their sensitive egoes. Others can laugh at themselves quite easily, and are usually the best of folks to know.

What's the music? I don't know much on that, though there is this really eerie chant I've heard that lists the names of several of the better known goddesses (Isis, Aphrodite, ..........Inan-na!) and another which takes that well-known shaker tune with the refrain "Turn, turn, wherever you may be" and rewrites it to a set of lyrics with the name "Lord of the Dance".
Have you tried @tradition or the like?
I'm curious now, and am going to do just that!