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Posted By: GUEST,Butts
08-Oct-07 - 03:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs from 'Once Were Warriors'
Subject: Chords Add: HERE IS MY HEART

been trying to find a tab for 'Here is my heart' sung by Jake and Beth, but have found nothing, so I've tabbed it myself (the G chord used in film sounds a tad different, but normal tuning)

Intro:    G    Eb7   D7

             G                   Bm7
J: Well I've tried, as hard as I can
             C             D    D7
   Just to make you understand
             G             Bm7
   Cos the world, it won't stop
             C                     D      D7
   It keeps goin', goin' round and round.

                G                     Bm7
B: I guess the nature, the nature of love
         C                      D      D7
   Has always, always been this way
               G       Eb7      D7
   Here is my heart...........

         G                      Bm7
J&B: I remember all those yesterdays
         C                      D    D7
    Understanding- your every way
         G                      Bm7
    And I know the world never stops
                C                         D      D7
    It keeps going, round and round and round
                   G                      Bm7
    Cos that's the nature, the nature of love
               C                      D       D7
    And it's always, always been this way.

               G                     Eb7
ALL: So now my lover, there'll be no other
                      G                  Eb7
    The stars in the heavens will shine forever
                C                  Cm
    A moment we treasure, your undenying love
       G       Eb7    D7       G
    So darling, here is my heart
       Eb7      Eb7    D7       G   
    So darling, here is my heart
       Eb7      Eb7    D7   G          C             G