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Posted By: Rowan
12-Oct-07 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: African American Protest Slogans & Songs
Subject: RE: African American Protest Slogans & Songs
Be fair, Gargoyle.

In the post that started the thread Azizi wrote
"The purpose of this thread is to explore the continuity & changes in protest slogans and songs that are associated with the Black American civil rights movement from the mid 1960s to date."

Surely the initiator of the thread can exercise the luxury of defining it however they want; any subsequent posters are really just buying into discussion of the original notion. We've been invited to discuss everything from then until now and many have done just that. To the extent that us respondents have stuck in the 60s, any 'fault' is ours to be shared.

If you wanted to start a thread on African rhythms and its role in current music/protest/etc worldwide or regionally, I'm sure you'd get some takers.

Cheers, Rowan