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14-Oct-07 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: Delmore Brothers Questions
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Hi Richie,

Linnell Gentry does not give an actual date for WLW, but it looks like it probably was 1943. His entry has: '... WAPI, Birmingham, 1939-42; WLW, Cincinatti; WCKY, Cincinatti; WIBC, Indianapolis, 1944; WRC, Memphis 1945-47 ...'. [L.Gentry 'A History and Encyclopedia of Country, Western and Gospel Music' 2nd Ed Clairmont Corp 1969, p408].
Meade et alia give 17 Feb 1936 (not 1937) for Arthur Smith Trio recording of 'More Pretty Girls' - issued June 1936 as Bb B632. Earliest recording is by Jesse James and J.D.Foster on 28 July 1927 (unissued). Earliest issued was by Leonard Rutherford and John Foster on 11 April 1929 - Chi 423. Meade's printed reference to the song is Mellinger E. Henry 'Songs Sung in the Southern Appalacians' London, Mitre Press 1933, p170. It's most unlikely that Alton was the author, but he may have adapted it.

Gary B. Reid, the writer of the liner notes for the double CD of the Brown's Ferry Four that I have - 'Rockin' on the Waves: Complete King Recordings 1946 - 1952 King CD 3256-2-2 - notes:

The Brown's Ferry Four were formed in June of 1943 while its four members were working in different groups at radio station WLW in Cincinatti, Ohio. They were put together as a replacement for the Drifting Pioneers, a group that had a spot on the station and was featured with a daily half hour program of gospel songs. Upon hearing the station manager (George Biggar) lament the parting of the Pioneers, Alton Delmore (of Delmore Brothers fame) offered to put together a quartet. A quick rehearsal in the hallway of the station confirmed that Alton and Rabon Delmore, Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis could indeed function as a quartet. They quickly agreed to give it a try and were informed by Mr Biggar that they could start the following morning.

This also confirms the 1943 date for the Delmores at WLW. Reid indicated that his notes relied heavily on research by Dr Wolfe.

I hope the above is of some use to you.