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Posted By: Genie
14-Oct-07 - 08:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Buttje is in heaven now
Subject: RE: BS: Buttje is in heaven now
McGrath, I can't say I blame you. However, many animal lovers "rescue" cats and dogs from shelters, animals that would otherwise very likely be 'euthanized' (read: "executed"). Or we are "adopted" by animals that are already fending for themselves on the street.
In some cases, such as mine, having a 100% indoor pet is out of the question, simply because of my travel and work schedule.   Even when the outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat does eventually get killed by a car or other critter, that cat may well have gained years of happy, good quality life by being given a loving home (and food, medical care, etc.) before that happens. Every decision needs to be weighed against the other reasonable options. Or, put another way, "the perfect is the enemy of the good."

Manfred, I suspect that anyone who thinks humans have souls but animals don't has never truly loved and been loved by a dog, cat, bird, or other non-human friend.