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Posted By: Janie
15-Oct-07 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Subject: RE: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Like BWL, we generally found that we didn't do that well at music festivals.

BWL, The Philly Folk Festival was the exception - we always had average to very good sales there (excellent only once) - captive audience, very small crafts section and an effort on the part of the crafts committee to not have two of the same craft there. Plus, they feed you with the volunteers and secure the crafts area at night. You can not see the stage from the crafts area but it is very close, you can hear well, and it is a short walk to the top of the amphetheater if you want to take in part of an act then get quickly back to the booth. The hours, however, are grueling. I don't remember now if it was straight fee, or fee plus commission, but they also started upping it to the point we didn't think it worth it. I don't know that it would warrant driving from the Florida panhandle unless you can haul enough pots with you to do a circuit of the better shows in the region between Philly, Washington DC and northern Virginia.