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Posted By: Tig
15-Oct-07 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Subject: RE: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
What sort of stuff are you thinking of selling? John and I have stood festivals since we became badgers - often also having 'extra' offerings such as turned wood on the stall for friends.

In that time the stall fees seem to have risen at a lot of festivals to the point where it's no longer viable for us to go taking into account we only charge 'pocket money' prices. That, added to the extra costs of materials, petrol etc have made us decide it is no longer worth it. Mind you there are still some festivals who will only charge you a smallish fee.

Consider how long the trading hours will be and where the craft fair is being held. If the venue is not part of the main festival building is it easily accessable and within very easy walking distance? Are the public likely to go or are they going to be charged entrance fees? How many other stalls are there likely to be selling similar stuff to yours (some festivals play fair and limit it to 1 or 2 of the same stuff)?   

Folk people are often reluctant to spend their money before the last day of the festival (beer/food money comes first :-0) so if the craft fair is only on the Saturday have you got a 'Must Buy' product. Similarly be prepared no matter how bored you get to stick it out for the full time you can trade. I've often seen people pack up a bit early and then people turn up at their stall after they have gone.

If you are wanting to see some of the festival check that tickets are included as part of your stall fee. We've come across some festivals which either give 1 ticket and you can buy another at a reduced price or which give no stall holders tickets at all. You really need 2 of you for a stall (at least) so that you can spell each other (remember you need to go to the loo and get food sometimes!)

Is it worth it? Yes if you want the chance to meet friends and talk to people and hopefully make some money. No if you want to see anything special at the festival - chances are you will either be working or so kn***** you won't get there.

Your best bet having thought about what you are selling/prices/distance etc is to ask friends who have been to the festival you fancy and see what their view on previous craft fairs there is. For some festivals there's a 'regular' set of stalls and you need to get in very early.

Hope this helps a bit. PM me if you want any more info about our experiences.