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Posted By: GUEST
15-Oct-07 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Whiskey You're the Divil
Subject: RE: Origins: Whiskey You're the Divil

"Whiskey, you're the divil,
You're leadin' me astray!
Over hills and mountains,
And to Amerikay.
You're sweeter, stronger, decent-er,
You're spunkier than tay;
Oh, whiskey, you're me darlin' drunk or sober."

I always thought it sounded almost like a compendium of immigration, drinking, rebellion and conscription or anti-war songs, all rolled into one. As indicated, I, too,first heard this done by the Clancy Brothers, circa 1959. There is a part that goes, "...Men are dying hot and cowardly; Give every man his flask of powder, his firelock on his shoulder, Love, fare thee well......"