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Posted By: Genie
16-Oct-07 - 10:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Buttje is in heaven now
Subject: RE: BS: Buttje is in heaven now
You kinow, Kat, I can't help but reflect on my own childhood, and my Mom's, in the light of the protectiveness that seems to pervade US society these days. When my mom was a (farm) kid back in Arkansas, she might encounter rattlesnakes and other hazards in the course of a day's work or play. And people did sometimes die from things that happened in an "ordinary" day. When I was in second grade, we lived in a small village bordering a very rural area, and my friends and I would roam through abandoned quarries and fields, finding snakes, frogs, and wild flora and fauna of all sorts.   We could have fallen into pits or streams, been bitten by various critters, or even been accosted or abducted by 2-legged vermin. I'm sure sometimes that happened.
But when I look at my neighbor kids, who aren't even allowed to walk the 6 blocks to the nearby school in a very residential neighborhood for fear of being molested or hit by cars or whatever, I can't help but wonder how much freedom, how much of life's richness -- life's wonder -- we want to exchange to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.

I don't have an answer. Just questions.