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Posted By: georgemann
17-Oct-07 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: Guitars on flights
Subject: RE: Guitars on flights
For future reference, the American Federation of Musicians got the FAA (or I believe it might have been the Dept of Transportation itself) to issue a letter stating that musicians bringing instruments onboard should be given preference over other carry-ons-- it's available on the AFM website though you might have to be amember to print/download the letter, I can't recall if it's "restricted access"...

They fought a big battle with Delta over this, as Delta refused to recognize the letter-- AFM launched a successful boycott that led to Delta backing down earlier this year.

Now. there's no way I'd let ANY guitar of mine out of my site or left to the mercy of baggage handlers. ALWAYS insist that you carry it to the plane, negotiate with plane crew if needed (they are usually fine with it, it's the peopleat the counters who give you a problem) and as a last resort, "gate-check" it so that you hand it to someone as you are getting on the plane and can see it placed into baggage.

I've had some nasty fights with personnel at the counters over this issue in the past, but haven't lost one yet! Insist that you carry it onboard-- it's worth much more than someone's underwear.