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Posted By: Mark Ross
18-Oct-07 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: Guitars on flights
Subject: RE: Guitars on flights
The last time I flew, and it is the last time I will fly with instruments, was to Chicago to play for IWW Centenary a couple of years ago. When I checked in I asked if I could take my guitar on board and I was assured that I could. If they had told me that it would have to be checked, I had my Mark Leaf case out in the car, but having been told that there wouldn't be any problem I proceeded through security with my guitar in a good gig bag. Of course, I took out anything that be construed as a weapon and placed it my checked bag. Well, on each of the four planes that I flew on on that trip my guitar had to go underneath in the baggage compartment! Even on the one plane that had large enough overhead bins that my guitar would fit in. To add insult to injury, when I returned home as we taxied to the terminal gate it was announced over the PA that any anything that was gate-checked could be picked up at the baggage carousel... meaning that my one of a kind, custom made instrument(which I've had for over 30 years)would to have to ride the conveyor belt. Needless to say, I threw a fit. Fortunately, the pilot of the outbound flight waiting at the door of the plane took pity on me and rescued my most prized instrument, and after determining that there was no damage(it's a very good, well-padded gig bag of my own design)I swore that this was the last time I would get on one of those things. As my friend Kuddie says "If God had wanted man to fly, our bones would be as hollow as our heads."

Mark Ross