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Posted By: diesel
18-Oct-07 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Subject: RE: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Not sure if Christmas stalls equal festivals...but last year I rented a table in a small local fair. Sold photo's I'ld had printed up for an exhibition. One couple promised they'd be back, never believed them, then an hour later - The lady had lost the hubby at the bar and came back to peruse the pics. Long story short - I sold more in one day at the fair than a week in an exhibition. Pure addiction straight from the off.... I'm not planning this year but intend to do it much more next year.

From talking to others at the fair, picked up the following:
It was a poor fair - not many attended.
Because of fewer people - those that were had a better chance to browse and not be under pressure.
The photo's I had were 'different' in the sense that viewers had seen multiples of various crafts, jewellery, pottery, art etc - but photo's were a once off exhibit... so I got a fair amount of curious interest, more maybe than others.
The fair was one of a circuit, where I believe once you start, the amount you hear about just grows exponentially......

If going for it - do something different to attract the attention - maybe a coloured drape as backdrop or 2 seats for a viewer and partner ...

Something special about strangers buying your work, family may buy due to like or pity - but strangers won't part with the few bob unless genuine like...


Diesel (Ireland)