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Posted By: oggie
20-Oct-07 - 02:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
Subject: RE: BS: Craft stalls at festivals
I make my living selling mainly what I make, I'm also UK based so this may not apply elsewhere.

Taking Dick's comment first, I'm good at what I do and I know how to price and if I can't make it at a saleable price I don't make it. The hobbiest is different, they can sell cheap (materials plus pin money) and I avoid places where they'll be as much as possible.

You cannot tell in advance what will sell where or even from one week to another. All you can do is look at costs, anticipated footfall (it's a numbers game) and make your best guess. However always check how many people selling your type of stuff are going to be there, get a plan of the layout and know where you're going to be. You can be in a blank spot and sell nowt while the person ten feet away sells out (been there, done that).

A word of caution, popular festivals charge (in the UK) big bucks, some auction the right to sell a particular commodity and some just want your money and couldn't care less. Approach with caution and good luck.

Steve Ogden