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Posted By: Peg
25-Apr-00 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Subject: RE: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
jus a point that needs to be made; this so called "humane action" of killing deer to thin the herds to prevent them from starving to death (admittedly, a much crueler way for them to die than shooting) is a bit wrong-minded...since the reason the deer herd populations have exploded is because HUMANS have killed all their natural predators!!! (cougars, bobcats, mountain lions, lynxes, etc.)

this is not about sympathy or animal husbandry; it is about a hasty solution to a problem we have forethought. The Iroquois tried never to do anything without determining how their actions would afect their tribe seven generations into the future. You kill the wild cats, the deer overbreed, the deer starve...takes only about one generation to see the results of this...

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