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Posted By: Richard Bridge
25-Apr-00 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Subject: RE: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Somehow I knew who had started this thread before I even looked past the title. OK - there are some few hunter gatherer societies left. Not many, but a few. But the people seeking to oppose gun control because of the alleged need to hunt tend by and large not to be members of such societies. The danger of being out of context!

I would venture to suggest that the great and good would assert that the information society is supplanting the service economy which has not quite finished supplanting the manufacturing economy which has almost finished supplanting the agrarian economy which is turn has in most of the world has left no space for the hunter-gatherer society. I'm not an anthropologist but it rings a vague bell from my economics subsidiary at university although it could have been my social administration subsidiary - and of course the information society was only just thinking about starting then.

Brother Larry, I have to disagree with your implication that the hunter gatherer is as much a part of world society as later economic forms, and, a fortiori that the remaining existence of hunter gatherers is a valid argument against gun control. I am not wholly opposed to gun control, but I would like the arguments about it to be relevant.