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Posted By: GUEST,Don Meixner
26-Oct-07 - 12:59 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Let Her Go Down (Steeleye Span)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Let Her Go Down
First off I really like Steel Eye Span, but...

I have been pondering this song for some time. I have reached a decision not to sing it. It must have been recorded before the lyric was finished. I love the melody, the chorus is simple and dynamic and the idea is great. But the story and text is scatterbrained to the point of silliness.   

Even if the verse supposed to be for Maddy Prior to sing is accepted as the original story it still makes close to no sense. There must be a missing verse between the first and second verses. The stage is set and the what happened is there but there is clearly no why. The who is very questionable as well. There just is no why.

The Captain says " Every body over the side into this storm, the boat can't be saved so lets just swim." Come on. Some credibility please.
This event couldn't happen on the Captain's say so alone. There would be grates spars and ships boats of some type to cling to. Certainly they could have been added to the song.

A catchy chorus isn't enough so save a weak and I'd say lame story. Especially a song with so much obvious potential.