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Posted By: Alba
26-Oct-07 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Healing thoughts for Katlaughing-Tks! Done Healed!
Subject: RE: BS: Healing thoughts for Katlaughing

Kat's own Cardiologist has been in and had a look and he is sure that what has shown up is old 'heart related' stuff, not recent. (I can't explain more as I do not know any more than this for now) So it looks like the mild attack is off the page. BRILLIANT!

The Pneumonia has been confirmed and the Antibiotic treatment is underway although I believe that if the Cardiologist gives Kat's Heart the big 'OK' there is little chance of them being able to keep Her in a Hospital.!!

As I get more info I shall pass it on. Thanks to Everyone, I will let her know via Rog that she has you all with her. *grateful smile* A lotof you already know this but for those who don't I have to say it is an amazing healing energy to know that people care about you...this is something that Mudcatters are experts at...Giving and Caring.

Love to You All
Jude xx