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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lassie o' the Mornin' (Jack Foley)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: lassie o' the Morning
Lyrics as found on the wonderful Tradition Bearers site:

This is one of my favorites, too.


The Bonnie Lassie o' the Mornin'
Recorded on 'Reachin for the high, high lands' by Bob Blair
The Tradition Bearers - Scots Songs and Ballads Series LTCD1001

O yince I thocht the morning sun was brighter than the e'en
When it roused the glen and warmed the earth and nestled every gean
But it faded in the warmest sicht ma hert has ever seen
The bonnie bonnie lassie o the morning
And the sparkle o her laughter ever after I'll reca'
Like the trinklin linkin jinklin as the mountain burns fa'
But the hills are empty noo, the bonnie lassie she's awa
The bonnie bonnie lassie o the morning

The morning breeze was cool as mile for mile we gaed on
Reaching for the high high lands wi secret nooks and loans
Where the rocks were worn and weathered by the freens we'd never known
Together wi ma lassie o the morning
Thro the clouds intae the sun we scrambled tae the cairn above
While the ravens flew alow us and secret words we'd have
Then the hills threw oot their airms and gaithered us intae their love
And ma ain love for the lassie o the morning"

Then doon the scree we skipped trundling happy on the heel,
We'd fa' an laugh, aince mair like bairns we did act and feel,
For we baith knew we'd grasped the joy that nane can share or steal,
When I held ma bonny lassie o' the mornin.
And a dam across the burn we built tae try tae haud its race,
But we micht has well hae tried tae haud oor wild love in one place,
For I saw the look o' the parting, soon tae come, cloud ower the face,
O ma bonny bonny lassie o' the morning.

Then wearie wi' a last daft run we jostled tae the inn,
Grippin' , slippin, trippin' seeing whaur that we had been,
Then a gratefu' gasp o' ale thankfu' for the day just din,
And ma ane thanks tae the lassie o' the morning.
A' thro' the dusk we lingered wi' nae words for us tae say.
Nae lang fareweel, 'twould break the spell we'd baith mind a' oor days,
Just a gentle touch, a kiss, a look then we turned and walked away,
And noo there'll never be another morning.

Song Notes: Journalist, mountaineer and for several years editor of the Folksong Broadsheet, Jack Foley has written in this, one of Scotland's finest modern love songs.