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Posted By: Racer
25-Apr-00 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Nickname II
Subject: RE: Nickname II
I got my nickname from the navy. My last name landed me the nickname Speedracer.

During my enlistment, I started drinking profusely (barracks life). I always drank with the same two people. We eventually got bored with simply drinking and decided to get a little more creative.

All three of us had this strange passion for being in high places where we didn't belong. We would do things such as steal signs, and spray-paint our names in obvious locations. Since we couldn't very well paint our real names, we had to come up with aliases. I ended up choosing racer (because it was almost obvious), one guy was Bamm Bamm (because he looked like Bamm Bamm), and the other guy came up with Oz (because his last name is a number commonly associated with the word "Ounce").

Everyone always knew who we were, but nothing could ever be proven. I never got caught.