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Posted By: GUEST,Aldus
26-Apr-00 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Subject: RE: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
The only species who does not occupy a place in the natural order of things are humans. We have "evolved" our way out of it. The rather self-serving suggestion that we must hunt to keep animals from starving is absurd. We are the one who killed of the natural perdators..nature also cruel but natural means. Hunting is an industry..a tourist is not an essential way of life. As for the rather odd suggestion that "hunting and gathering societies" are somehow all nobilty and nature loving...that is a stereo-type which serves no one well. I agree that our mindless tendancy to "tame" nature has done us more harm than good...but until we all accept that as a fact, we will evolve ourselves right off the planet.