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Posted By: Ferrara
30-Oct-07 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion-Child #18
Subject: Lyr Add: WILD HOG IN THE WOODS (from Dwight Diller
I wanted to learn Dwight Diller's version of "Wild Hog in the Woods." A google search on Diller and "wild hog" found this thread. After listening a few dozen times, with John Minear's posted version of the lyrics (23 Aug 02 - 12:10 PM) to help, I've come up with slightly revised lyrics. I think this is pretty close. - Rita F

- BTW "mast" is fruit or nuts, usually after it's fallen from the tree. It usually means a part of the forest that has lots of acorns. Hogs love acorns.

as sung by Dwight Diller

There's a wild hog in yonder woods,
        Diddle oh down, diddle oh day,
There's a wild hog in yonder woods,
        Diddle oh down, oh day.
There's a wild hog in yonder woods,
He cuts your throat, and he drinks your blood,
        Cut him down, cut him down, kill him if you can.

There's a wild hog in yonder mast,
Cut his way through oak and ash.

Bangum, will you huntin' ride?
Sword and a pistol by your side.

Followed that wild boar day and night,
'Fore he'd a-taken that wild boar's life.

Bangum went to the wild boar's den,
Found the bones of a thousand men.

Fought that wild boar sword and knife,
'Fore he could take that wild boar's life.

Fought four hours in that day,
The wild boar fled and he stumped away.

Bangum threw his wee pen knife,
That was the end of the wild boar's life.