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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
26-Apr-00 - 08:02 PM
Thread Name: Music to Midi programme
Subject: RE: Music to Midi programme

With the Opcode programs, you basically just open the MIDI file with the program, and there it is--and it is very clean, meaning that there very little that needs fixing up--I have just been using the melodies, so I haven't added lyrics to my sheets, which is not possible, anyway, in the Musicshop(it is basically a sequencing program). Finale is automatically puts the syllables under the proper melody note, which is good, but, like everything else in Finale, there are too many screens and tools required--

I *have* noticed that you tend to fool around with stuff--it takes me more than thirty seconds to clear out the extra tracks, because I tend to listen to each and try and figure out what parts I like--Your melodies are nice and clean, I can not say that for everybody who has had a mind to post MIDI transcriptions of folksongs--

MMario, even though the melody is public domain, the transcription of the melody line is theoretically copywritable, if it has enough differences from other existing transcriptions--since it is a MIDI, it also copywritable as a performance--However, if you note the comments above, we have permission to use them!!