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Posted By: jonm
07-Nov-07 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone being Ofsted-ed?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone being Ofsted-ed?
To those who feel that their particular brand of inspection (HMCE, ISO9000 etc.) must be worse, bear in mind that with Ofsted, it's not just whether you do your job well but the manner and attitudes you have while doing it! The goal posts move annually, so you are constantly changing approach to meet the inspectors' criteria, not necessarily for the benefit of the students!

Seriously, in the middle of something similar at the moment and a veteran of almost as many inspections, if the basics are in place, you're fine:
Evidence of planning of a session involving appropriate variety of activities ...
... taking into account any special needs or requirements of the students and some measures to account for those who are slower or faster than the norm.
Evidence of links between the observed session and the ones before and after it ...
... including records of how you've assessed learner progress and used it to inform your planning.

Any other issues they might raise are bigger ones relating to policies and procedures and will affect the whole-school grade rather than your individual one.

Despite what all the highly-qualified time-served educationalists in the Press think, only about one in ten lessons is adjudged to have any unsatisfactory elements and about one in twenty-five is unsatisfactory overall. About half of all "unsatisfactories" relate to non-teaching issues, such as overcrowding or insufficient resources. In most places, if you know a teacher worse than you, you'll be OK.

Someone should be measuring the damage done to morale in an institution even by a successful inspection...