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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
08-Nov-07 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone being Ofsted-ed?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone being Ofsted-ed?
'Not sure that wld's assertion about where inspectors come from is correct - ours all seem to have had pretty varied backgrounds and experience.'

Of course a vast over generalisation. But if you've taught in 'difficult' schools (they used to be called 'schools of exceptional difficulty' when I started) you know there are ways of 'working the system' - human ingenuity being what it is - dodging the difficult pupils and situations. Leaving some other poor herbert to pick up the pieces.

The byways of the world are full of robbers and the pathways of the education system are strewn with these despicable characters and their victims - easily identifiable; they walk around telling everyone they love teaching and have 'no problems in the classroom'.

No teacher who has shouldered his fair share of the burden of functioning in an inner city secondary school would be in too much of a rush to sit in judgement of his fellow teachers.