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Thread Name: Origins: How old is the song 'Cripple Creek'?
Subject: RE: Origins: How old is the song 'Cripple Creek'?
Article in JAFL mentioned by Abby Sale, but not seen by him.

Two fragments of "Cripple Creek" were collected by E. C. Perrow, and published in JAFL, 1915, vol. 28, , "Songs and Rhymes of the South," Part VIII, no. 42. No musical score.

"(From East Tennessee; mountain whites; from memory; 1909)"

Goin' to Cripple Creek, goin' ter Rome [roam?]
Goin' ter Cripple Creek, goin' back home.

See them women layin' in the shade,
Waitin' fer the money them men have made.

Roll my breeches ter my knees
En wade ol' Cripple Creek when I please.

"(1) A well-known mining district in Virginia." (2)
(2) Probably Rome, Tennessee; also a Rome in Georgia.

"(From South Carolina; country whites, MS. of Mr. Bryan; 1909)"

Goin' to Cripple Creek, going in a run;
Goin' to Cripple Creek to have my fun.

Nothing in early collections that would suggest connection to Cripple Creek, CO.