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Posted By: Jim Dixon
10-Nov-07 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Song ID from partial song lyrics (Australian?)
Subject: Lyr Add: KINDNESS (Samuel William Partridge)
Not quite the same, but close:

From Important Truths in Simple Verse by Samuel William Partridge, London, 1841:


"COME, honest old dame, let me carry your pail,
'Tis too heavy for you, I can see;
My legs are more active, my arms too are strong,
'Tis a plaything for me who am healthy and young,β€”
Come, give up your burden to me."

"Now bless you, my boy, you're a generous lad,
To offer so free and so kind;
My limbs are, alas, growing feeble and old,
And even that paltry light pail that you hold
Is too much for my weakness, I find.

"But I once was as young and as hearty as you,
And was strong as the best of them then;
And many a feat, my brave boy, I could tell,
How I bore two large buckets a mile from the well,β€”
But I never shall do it again.

"Ah me, how time flies!β€”it appears but last week,
Since Jane, Poll, and Nancy, up town,
All frolicsome girls, laid a wager with me
They would carry their pails from the well to that tree,
But I tired every one of them down.

"But I see your young playmates are waiting for you,
And impatient as they can well be;
So do not stay longer, but off to your fun,
And thanks for your service, which few would have done
To help a poor woman like me."

"Very welcome, old Janet: I love a good game
At cricket, or marbles, or ball;
But although 'tis so pleasant, believe me, I find
That to do a good turn or an action that's kind,
Is a pleasure far greater than all."