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Posted By: Mo the caller
13-Nov-07 - 06:26 AM
Thread Name: Easy instrument to learn
Subject: Easy instrument to learn
I have been resisting all thought of upgrading from my recorder, on the grounds that if I can't play one instrument properly I can't solve it by buying another.
But every time I get a cold I stop practising because I get out of breath.
Actually it doesn't take much to stop me practising, I'd rather be thinking about dances.
I learnt the piano as a child and play from the dots. On the recorder I am now finding that I can play by ear too, a bit. I tried the violin at school but got nowhere, I dont want something where I have to decide where to put my fingers to be in tune.

So what would be the easiest, and not too intrusive at a session. I don't expect I'll get to much of a standard, but I enjoy joining in with tunes I know. I'm no good at patting my head while rubbing my tummy.