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Posted By: Richard Bridge
14-Nov-07 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Easy instrument to learn
Subject: RE: Easy instrument to learn
If you have played fiddle, undoubtedly mandolin. G D C Dmin and Emin and A chords are dead easy and E major and F pretty easy. In G and D you can get away with playing the open strings a lot of the time. So long as you avoid the C and C sharp you can play the same scales in D and G keys which covers most sessions - if you are in the right key then what you are playing is a harmony, so long as it is in time (well, nearly). If it's decently set up hammer ons and pulloffs are easy. You don't need much stretch in the left hand and you don't need much force in the left hand.

With the aid of a capo they are great for accompanying singer-guitarists (so long as they stick to predictable melody formats which most do - watch out in Irish and English trad for the unexpected drop to the relative major) and with a little sensitivity can soar above and really add to singer guitarist without confusing or putting off and make you sond much much better than you really are - people have fallen for that when I play and thought I was good!