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Posted By: redsnapper
14-Nov-07 - 05:11 AM
Thread Name: Easy instrument to learn
Subject: RE: Easy instrument to learn
I agree with Tootler. It is hard to suggest an "easy" instrument because different instruments suit different people. For example I have been playing fretted instruments like guitar and mandolin for about 45 years and am pretty well at home on any fretted instrument. I am also learning smallpipes and, although having to reprogramme my brain and fingers a little, am making progress.

But I am completely at sea with anything like a Anglo or D/G melodeon which makes different notes pushing and pulling. Equally harmonica with blowing and sucking. These instruments do my head in bigtime while others find them relatively easy.

Coming back to Mo the Caller, since she has recorder experience perhaps whistle, low whistle or D flute could be a good start for sessions since, as she says "I am no good at patting my head while rubbing my tummy" and these would build on existing knowledge? Just a thought.