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Posted By: Susan B
15-Nov-07 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: Easy instrument to learn
Subject: RE: Easy instrument to learn
If you get out of breath playing because you have a cold, and you are not dying of suffocation, then there is a problem with your technique - you shouldn't be using your nose to breathe with when playing. Have you been shown how to support your breathing with your diaphragm, because that should make a lot of difference? Asthmatics have often found that learning to play a wind instrument properly helps considerably with their breathing control.

Please don't think of it as "upgrading" from your recorder. It might not be right for you, but the recorder is a real instrument in its own right; it just suffers from association with school days. If you get thirty different un-tuned, cheap and nasty fiddles in one room, played with varying degrees of confidence and ability, it sounds a whole lot worse than recorders! I try not to remember my son's days of going to 'String Club'. (My therapist would probably agree that I shouldn't!)

Les in Chorlton's comment "It has to be the instrument that you cannot walk past with out picking it up and doing something with it" is the most helpful here, IMHO. Getting the right instrument means that you don't have to make time to "practice" - you have to make time to get anything else done!

Happy playing!

Susan B
(recorder player and happy with it!)